Who is SKYGGE ?

Who is SKYGGE ?

The french producer and composer SKYGGE a.k.a Benoit Carré, is the architect of Hello World, the first album composed with the AI f Flow-Machines, a project developed by SonyCSL .

Inspired by the tale of Hans Christian Andersen, Benoit Carré imagined this avatar as his own shadow revealed by his musical works with the AI tools of Flow-Machines. Ballad Of The Shadow is the first song of SKYGGE. This is a song with a voice as flexible as a reflection in a mirror, it will take various forms through the album.

Ash Workman, Stromae, Kiesza, Kyrie Kristmanson, C.Duncan, NZCA Lines collaborated with SKYGGE on several songs of the LP.


After ten millions of streams and positive musical comments (Crack Magazine, BBC music), the SKYGGE project is ongoing for the next two years with releases of EP projects involving visual artists and live performances.


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