American Folk Songs (revisited by SKYGGE with AI)

American Folk Songs (revisited by SKYGGE with AI)

A new project (September 19)

photo: Jean-François Robert/Artwork: Restez Vivants!

Traditional songs of the American folk tradition are deeply connected to our emotions. Those songs are transferred orally from a distant past. As i was working with researchers on the development of an AI tool that generate harmonies, i had the idea of revisiting folk songs with this technology.

Black is the Color, a traditional a cappella song from the Appalaches sang by Pete Seeger will be the first song of the EP.

All the harmonies of the arrangement are generated by AI from the original a capella


The idea is to produce a sophisticated sound with unexpected harmonies that no human work could have created. Among a countless creative possibilities generated by the AI. I selected harmonies that i liked the most. For the production work, i adopted an humble approach. I want to respect the original songs, avoiding an “invasive” production.

American Folk Songs EP and live sets will be launched in Setpember. A first track will be released in August with a music video.


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