American Folk Songs (revisited by SKYGGE with AI)

American Folk Songs (revisited by SKYGGE with AI)


photo: Jean-François Robert/Artwork: Restez Vivants!

To put his own spin on these pillars of the folk canon, the AI technology system adapts any source (for example a mass for 3 voices or a piece of harp) to the given song. SKYGGE then has to follow his musical phantasm; like picking the right notes when writing a song, he had to choose the source and then curate all the generated results to make the incredible versions.

The otherworldly juxtapositions include Canadian musician Kyrie Kristmanson’s Amazing Grace enriched with the adapted sound of William Byrd’s mass for three voices, and a piece of harp music from the romantic period turned into an acoustic guitar on Pete Seeger’s Shenandoah.

Elsewhere, AI generates a choir from Pete Seeger’s voice on Black Is The Colour (Of My True Love’s Hair), multiplying it into a surging wash of vocal harmonies; an AI-generated sax solo provides a locked-in groove for Amazing Grace; and an AI-generated trumpet solo carriesPeggy Seeger’s Song Of Myself into experimental electronica territory.

Inspired by these new AI-generated ideas, SKYGGE recorded his new EP with the French double bass player Stéphane Kerecki, and a string quartet performing these AI arrangements.

American Folk Songs EP and live sets will be launched October the 3rd.


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